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Company Of Heroes Reliccoh.english.ucs oniben




Ok, I think I have it, I'll post it right here. There's a little c# project to launch the game and manage the language selection. It needs to be updated a little, so it's really a beta version. There are several classes that control the game: * Main: Called once at the start of the game, this class does the initializing and loading of the data. * LanguageManager: This class controls the whole language selection system. It runs the LanguageSelector, plays sounds and video, calls the interface, handles the sounds and notifies the main class. * LanguageSelector: This class just does the language selection and stores the chosen language in the config file. It runs the installed language speakers. * Interface: This class just forwards the user messages to the other classes. * MainWindow: This class does the UI and the actual game. MainWindow opens the game, runs the events, handles menus and messages, and shows or hides windows, which are of the AudioPlayer or LanguageSelector classes. Here are the files: LanguageManager.cs LanguageManager.Designer.cs AudioPlayer.cs LanguageSelector.cs LanguageSelector.Designer.cs MainWindow.cs Main.cs Designer.cs (I'll post the English version of the MainWindow.cs and Designer.cs soon) Well, I'll try and get this working for the English and German versions of the game, but it should be easy enough for anyone who speaks one of the supported languages. About the Sound files I really don't know if you can hear them or not. I use the "default" soundfiles that come with the engine. There are some soundfiles that I have changed. I use them for the different events. E.g. "COMBAT_PLAY_SOUND" is the idle sound when the mouse is over the army list "COMBAT_EXPEL_SOUND" is the sound when an army is expelled "EQUIPMENT_UNLOCK_SOUND" is the sound when an item is unlocked, etc. I use the.mzp files of the sound files for my mods. About the PC




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Company Of Heroes Reliccoh.english.ucs oniben

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